CLASSIC BLAQUE: The other side of the Art of William AndersonCLASSIC BLAQUE: The other side of the Art of William Anderson
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Welcome to the other side of my artwork, No let me put it another way welcome to Classic Blaque The Other side of The Art of William Anderson.

For so long I have concentrated on concept art, comic book penciling or 3D modelling that I had almost forgot what it ment to create anything outside of those mediums. I forgot about what drew me to the path of art in first place, that was the passion to create and to create anything I saw in my mind.

I had to take a step back and see the whole forest in order to see the individual leaves even better. So about two years ago I began a journey of "Individual Artist Rediscovery." I had to revive my love for other mediums so that my current paths would not become dull and boring. And I am quite happy to say that it really has helped. By rediscovering my love for other mediums in whcth I have enjoyed in past, I have been able to advance in all area of art and even try out some new ones.

As a result of all that rediscovery Classic Blaque came into play. Classic Blaque is kind of like the old William who just wanted to create and try new methods and techniques to do so.

Thank you,

William "Classic Blaque " Anderson

PS: Go ahead and look around, i got tons of work on the site and more to come.

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