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Sorry been away from site for sometime, I have been really, really busy, but i will be back shortly, biggerm better and artter wait, that's now word. But I hope you get what i meant.



Damn, I have been away for some time, and I thought I promised myself that I would not do that but, alas life hit you hard some time and you have to fight, struggle and sacarfice to get to back to where you one were. I am not where I want to be right now but some times other thing take precidents.

So, I am still on the job hunt, a couple of close calls and alot of no calls. However. I will push on and push forward. There is no quit here, no surrender.

But I want to get to the art. So I can truly say that I have not let up on the art. I may not be able to show it all but I will be show alot just about every website I run and will be updated in the next few days. Still sitting on a lot works. But I wanted to say something anything before the end of the year. Please check out my artistic social networking site and blogs to see exclusive works that I feel art not right for this site. So again check me of DeviantArt, Artisian, Beheance, The Blogs Sketches and Scratches and Classic Blaque.

I'm Out Gotta go update the other blogs as well.


It's only been a little over a week and I am already updating the site. I really can't believe that. I usaully will wait or procrastinate until early summer. But I got a whole lot of new stuff to show. Basically I am grindin towards a better tommarow. ( I liked that )

This update s bascally what you see to the left. Two of the entries were done last month for the Darkstalkers contest entry . I did not make it in to the finals so it is okay to show them off. The inked version of the hsien-ko peice is in the fan-art section of the website. The final peice is of X-force James Proudstar. He was fun as I was trying so new technique combining half tone graphic with traditonal pencil.s

Thats it for now I got so much more on the way.


PS check out the Raw Sketch blog Its getting a bit to much fun knocking out sketches in Art Rage 2.0.


Hello and Welcome to the truly new and improved Sketches and Scratches.  This time around we are dealing with Version 9.0 as you can tell.  This site is what I consider the heart of the Omni-One Productions  as it will most likely see the most updates as well as the most new images and news about your truly (minus the blogs), which is the only reason why you came by,( I am right, right!) .

However, please do not shy away from the other sister sites as they will be seeing major updates as well.  As you can see from the splash page I have been working on few things in my interweb absents.   But I can say that I have not been slacking on my art pimpage.  I just have not been showing off as much as I used to. I had to pay some bills and step my game up. There are alot of other people in my same exact position and I need to get leg up.  

Sketches and Scratches as well as the newly created Classic Blaque are currently and hopefully the future directions I wantto take my art. But, I  am not going to get in to the other sites right here, if you want to know more about those sites please feel free to check it out, but please come back I have more to talk about and definatly more to show. 

On to the new site, as you click around, one can see that there are a few new areas and many new projects. I am still spreading my self way to thin. But I am loving every moment  it.  I am now open to doing commissions and a new portfolio page for the massive amount for pro/indy work I have done (j/k).

Now on to the real reason you came this site, the art. I know you did not come here for my hilariously witty dialogue or my personally amazingly new site design, its for the art.  I have been doing a lot of house cleaning and a lot of my old work has been pulled down , in coming weeks and months I hope to show off a lot more of the works that I have been sitting on for some time now. I have a backlog of art (projetcs) thats numbering in the  mid-hundreds.  Not all of the works I will be able show on this site.  But, will be spread out over all of my sites here at Omni-One as well as the various forums and social networking sites that I am apart of  ( i.e. deviant art, blogger. Comic space, zazzle etc, etc) and will be apart of. I am not going to break down each of the new piece of art  like I usually do because there is way to many. Please  start looking in the new site(s) and enjoy. 

Like I say before I got more on the way

William Anderson

Don't Get it Twisted as long as the I beath, Th sun rises in the east and the sun sets in the west I am on my grind.



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